How Emveflex provides new specialised staff

In whichever sector you need personnel, Emveflex makes the perfect match. We have skilled employees for positions in food, industry, construction, technician roles, transportation or cleaning.

As we are personally acquainted with every candidate in our database, we know exactly which skills a candidate possesses (and which not). If the perfect candidate is not yet on our database, we will use our creative recruitment tools to find them for you.

Find talent

When it comes to finding talent, Emveflex has what it takes. Good recruitment and selection involves much more than drafting a job description and inviting candidates.

It always starts with a personal introductory meeting with you, the employer, to find out exactly what your needs are. With this information, we set to work to find the perfect candidate for you.

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Temporary staffing & secondment

With temporary staffing or secondment, the selected candidate goes to work for your organisation for a pre-agreed number of hours.

The advantage of temporary staffing or secondment is that you, as the employer, are flexible and incur virtually no risk. We handle the payroll, the necessary insurance and, if necessary, sick leave. We apply your organisation’s collective labour agreement provisions.

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Unique training budget

Suppose you have a job opening and are also lucky enough to have found the perfect candidate. Well… almost perfect. The only thing the candidate doesn’t have is a forklift certificate / VCA / Code95 / LZV.

Specifically for these situations, we have our unique training budget for candidates or employees already working for your organisation. With this training budget, your near-perfect candidate can obtain that specific diploma or certificate to complete the picture. Covered entirely by us!

Emveflex guarantees

  • Clear communication
  • Short lines of communication
  • Personal assistance
  • Cost-efficient mediation
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