There are several options when working with Emveflex. The employer decides which option is best. We provide an overview of the options below:

Option 1:

Temporary staffing

Many employers begin with staff contracting through temporary staffing. Temporary staffing is the most flexible option. You have flexible hours, a flexible contract duration and only one day’s notice for contract termination. Temporary staffing is also referred to as Phase 1 and 2 in the NBBU CLA.

Option 2:


If the client chooses secondment, you will receive a contract with a fixed number of hours, a fixed end date and the statutory notice period. Secondment is often used to strengthen employee loyalty to an organisation and therefore offers you and the employer greater stability. This is also referred to as Phase 3 in the NBBU CLA.

Option 3:

Unique: permanent employment with Emveflex

Nothing expresses more confidence in an employee than permanent employment, also known as Phase 4. Whereas most employment agencies stop at this stage, Emveflex goes a step further. We are not afraid to commit to good employees. Have you been working for an employer for years to everyone’s full mutual satisfaction? Would he like to keep you on, but permanent employment is not an option for the company? Emveflex offers the opportunity for permanent employment. We currently have more than 50 employees on our payroll. That’s what we call the perfect match!

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