How Emveflex finds talent for your job opening

When it comes to finding talent, Emveflex has what it takes. Good recruitment and selection involves much more than drafting a job description and inviting candidates.


Personal introduction meeting

Personal introduction meeting During this meeting, we want to discover every aspect of your company, the job vacancy and what you find valuable in the candidate.

Of course, we then also go through the employment conditions, such as the number of hours, the hiring option (temporary staffing or secondment) and the employment conditions you apply to your own employees.


More than a recruitment text

With this information, we set to work to find the best candidate. And yes, we like to do more than just write a nice job ad. We tap into all our creativity to draw attention to the vacancy in an amusing fashion. By shooting fun footage at your location, for example, and letting your own employees have their say in a video on social media. This allows prospective employees to get a feel for the fantastic vibe that is so characteristic of your company.


We take the selection work off your hands

We gather all applications and make an initial pre-selection based on the CVs. Every applicant receives a response from us. Always. After the pre-selection, we invite the most suitable candidates to our offices for a personal interview. During this interview, we like to go deeper into someone’s personality, character traits and their wishes and expectations. In other words, we look a lot further than the CV. We also check references, where possible. This is how we know exactly whether this candidate will be the perfect match.


Found the perfect candidate?

Do we think we have found the right candidate (or perhaps even candidates)? We will then make a proposal and send it, together with the CV and a profile sketch, to you as the employer. Would you first like to personally conduct a round of interviews with the candidate or candidates? No problem! We are happy to organise that for you. Are you and the candidate completely happy with one another? Then we will gladly start the temporary staffing or secondment process.

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