How Emveflex provides new specialised staff

In whichever sector you need personnel, Emveflex makes the perfect match. We have skilled employees for positions in food, industry, construction, technician roles, transportation or cleaning.

As we are personally acquainted with every candidate in our database, we know exactly which skills a candidate possesses (and which not). If the perfect candidate is not yet on our database, we will use our creative recruitment tools to find them for you.

5 reasons to choose Emveflex

We always go for the perfect match. To do so, it is essential that we know exactly what you need as an employer and which requirements a candidate must fulfil. With this information, we start looking for the right candidate for your vacancy. Sometimes the candidate is found quickly, but at other times it simply takes longer. We are very honest about our approach. After all, a quick placement is great, but a long-term placement is even better.

Can you recruit a top candidate using only a 'boring' vacancy text? Of course not! We go the extra mile and tap into our creativity to showcase your vacancy. How do we do that? That is something we decide together. Would you like to present a corporate video or primarily promote it via social media? A catchy vacancy text or a strikingly creative design? We will work with you to make your vacancy stands out!

At EmveFLEX, we don't treat anyone as a number. We are personally acquainted with all our candidates and clients. This is something we consider exceedingly important. Personnel service is literally a people business. We can only do this effectively if we know who these people are and what they need. A candidate is more than a CV and a client is more than a vacancy. For us, it all comes down to the click between the two, both now and in the long term.

Suppose you have a job opening and are also lucky enough to have found the perfect candidate. Well... almost perfect. The only thing the candidate doesn't have is a forklift certificate / VCA / Code95 / LZV. Or perhaps they haven’t mastered the Dutch language yet. Specifically for these situations, we have our unique training budget for candidates or existing employees. With this training budget, your near-perfect candidate can obtain that specific diploma or certificate to complete the picture. Covered entirely by us!

Nothing expresses more confidence in an employee than permanent employment. For a staffing organisation, however, it is not common to employ people on a permanent basis. At EmveFLEX, we are not afraid to commit to good employees. Consequently, if an individual has been working to mutual satisfaction for an extended period, but employment with the client is not an option, we are happy to take them on as a permanent employee ourselves. We currently have more than 50 employees on our payroll. That's what we call the perfect match!

We prioritise
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What sets us apart?

More than 35 years in the employment market.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the employment market, we can now confidently call ourselves experts in staffing. Originally founded as a permanent staffing partner for a local meat-processing company, we have since emerged as a full-fledged staffing and secondment agency with a varied clientele in a range of sectors and a large network of candidates.

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De gezichten van Emveflex

Annette Buijs

Executive manager

Hello, my name is Annette. Over 35 years ago, I founded Emveflex together with my husband. After all these years, I still feel incredibly committed to all customers and employees, but I am also happy to pass this torch to my daughter Cynthia.

Cynthia Gezici


Hello, my name is Cynthia. I joined Emveflex, my parents' company, in 2015. Over the years, I have formed a close bond with our clients and our temporary staff. My ambition is to continue to guide Emveflex into an even brighter future.

Carlijn Kleinjan

Senior Consultant

Hi, my name is Carlijn! I have been part of the Emveflex team since July 2021, but before that I gained over 12 years of experience in the staffing industry. My varied role involves recruiting candidates and customer contact. I look forward to getting to know you!

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