We could, of course, tell you all about what makes Emveflex a great employment partner. Our employees do a much better job of this though!

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Emveflex is an excellent employment agency to which I can credit my job. Unlike the boring and unappealing offers from other agencies, the offers I received from Emveflex were clear and transparent. The orientation was also friendly and professional. It was because Emveflex was there for me and was keen to help me find a suitable job that I chose them.

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I’ve been working for Emveflex for almost 9 years and I’ve never had any problems all these years They are always there for you and are very helpful. You are always welcome in the office to catch up with a cup of coffee or tea. If you don’t speak Dutch, no problem, they will find someone to translate. From time to time there is a nice surprise waiting for us, like cookies in the office. Wonderful. Another plus: they always pay on time.

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I really enjoy working for Emveflex because the door is always open and there is always time for a cup of coffee. The working environment is friendly, and they always communicate properly and correctly to the staff.

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