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You have filled your vacancy with the best candidate. It is now important to handle everything administratively. At Emveflex, we offer various flexible staffing services with which you, the employer, incur virtually no risk.

Whether you opt for temporary staffing or secondment, we take care of the payroll, required insurances and sick leave, should this arise. We apply your organisation’s collective labour agreement provisions, in accordance with the WAADI Act. This includes that the temporary or secondment employee is remunerated in the same way as employees employed by your organisation.


Why choose temporary staffing?

Temporary staffing is the most flexible staffing concept, both for employers and employees. With temporary staffing, you hire an employee through a temporary employment contract. This employee then receives a contract from Emveflex, which includes flexible hours, a flexible contract duration and a short notice period. This contract includes an temporary staffing clause, which in short means that if someone does not perform work, they do not receive wages.

This form is often used for peak work such as holiday work.


Why choose secondment?

You can also choose to strengthen an employee’s commitment to you by entering into a secondment agreement. With secondment, we draw up a contract with a minimum number of hours, a fixed end date and a statutory notice period. A secondment contract also has no temporary staffing clause. Employees are therefore entitled to continued payment of wages on, for example, public holidays or during illness.

Secondment offers both you as a client and the employee more security. Would you like to know exactly what the differences are between temporary staffing and secondment? Or would you like to know more about the NBBU collective labour agreement, to which Emveflex is a member? You will find more information here (Dutch).


We offer top employees permanent employment

Nothing expresses more confidence in an employee than permanent employment. For a staffing organisation, however, it is not common to employ people on a permanent basis. At Emveflex, we are not afraid to commit to good employees. Consequently, if an individual has been working to mutual satisfaction for an extended period, but employment with the client is not an option, we are happy to take them on as a permanent employee ourselves. We currently have more than 50 employees on our payroll. That’s what we call the perfect match!

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